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Not 100% sure where to post this but was there a patch to the Extreme Hunter potion boost recently? When I use them now I get the boost for the 6 mins then it instantly takes me back to the original level instead of gradually decreasing. Can anyone else confirm this if isn't suppose to be like this?

20-Mar-2019 14:17:22

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This is from the Patch Notes accompanying the March 11th update (QFC: 442-443-11-66088157).

•Stats boosted with an extreme skilling potion will now be correctly set to your base level when the duration runs out.

It wasn't intended to decrease by 1 level per minute after the initial 6 minutes runs out, as that would make it like an overload + extreme potion in one. This fix is in line with how overloads work, where combat stats go back to the base level after the 6 minutes runs out.
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wrong forum, man.
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