grace of the elves at turoths

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hrm. I proc seren at po farm every day. usually mucking out.
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21-Mar-2019 11:59:07

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Grace of the Elves only works for gathering skilling actions. Gaining farming XP via killing Turoths is through a combat action. One such example that highlights this, is that you cannot bank items via combat actions using the sign of the porter charges on your Grace of the Elves, only via skilling actions. Hard -> 3a Range Top (#357), 3a Full Helm (#439), Barrows Dye (#1755)
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21-Mar-2019 14:40:17

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Dadscapes said:
Its for gathering skills, so i dont think it will work for farming either.

Konamoy said:
Works on woodcutting, farming, mining, hunting, divination, fishing.

Farming is a gathering skill... Even works on POF.
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