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Paulo said:
Bobo Joe said:
U guys are so silly, Ive got 4 fangs and 3 webs and 1 eye all from ranged... it doesnt make a huge difference. You are gunning for legs anyway.

How are we silly? It has been confirmed multiple times the style Araxxor spawns in has more chance to get a hilt from that correspondent style, if you mage it's 50% fang and 25% the other 2.

Only because you got lucky doesnt mean ****, I could go dry 1000 kills and tell you the drop rate is 1/1000 and then call all other's silly. So yeah.

I can easily Mage araxxor at 300% and it's worth it (with a range switch for Raxi), I noticed mage kills are much faster on Araxxor than Range due to Dragonbreath + combust easy 2x damage seeing he's in melee distance almost+ sonic wave for 10% accuracy on the next attack and then using wild magic or asphyx.

If you do it well with a range/melee switch on p4, it's more than worth it for the extra chance on a 100m drop.

This. I've been preaching for this for a while. I finally get to watch scythes at the top!
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