Best Slayer Bow @ 70 Ranged?

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The key point here as far as weapon choices go for you is this:

Dual Wielding (DW) vs 2-Handers (2h) vs Shieldbow/1h+Shield.

In essence, if you are using DW (such as dual Armadyl Crossbows), you have mainhand damage and offhand damage (which is 50% of the mainhand if using a matching pair).

Similarly, a 2h weapon does 150% of the damage of a 1h mainhand item.

Since ranged abilities aren't too different then both DW and 2h do about the same damage as each other, so it's what you can get.

The 1h+shield or shieldbow (which includes both your current elder shieldbow and a dark bow) only do damage equivalent to having a 1h mainhand item (ie, 2/3 the damage of the 2h and DW options). In exchange, they grant access to most defence abilities (most of these have a requirement of a shield/shieldbow item worn).

Shield abilities are very powerful at prolonging survival, but the brutal truth is you do not need this for any slayer task whatsoever (except maybe Wyverns when you get to 96, and dragons if you lack super antifire potions).

Therefore, for Slayer, you want whatever 2h or DW option you can get. As people have pointed out, the black salamander is a very cheap 2h option available at 70. Armadyl crossbows are there for 75, and if money is easier than DG, then at 80 you have the Zaryte bow (or could even consider a Hexhunter bow if its REALLY not an issue).

As for bars, if you right-click the cog on your action bar while wearing your weapon, there's an option "setup action bar" that should give you an okay default one. The wiki also has some listed although these afaik are still for manual use of Threshold and Ultimate abilities.

Since you have 70 ranged, I also recommend buying a 'Mazcab Ability Codex' and using it to unlock 'Corruption Shot'. This is the best ranged basic ability in the game bar nothing and should be the left/second-left-most basic ability on your action bar no matter what.

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy getting back into the game!

05-May-2018 11:59:12

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