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right now i have 8k cursed energy and i tought i should sell it, but i can`t because i have a trade limit and nobody wants to pay 500 GP for cursed.

is there a way to remove my trade limit? someone said by buying a bond. my brother doesn`t have a trade limit.

21-Sep-2018 10:04:04

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Snip from RS WIki --

There is still a trade limit to players who have never been a member before. They can not make a trade where they give away more than 25,000 coins, to prevent players from buying/selling gold. This was introduced on 22 November 2011 to combat Gold farming. The limit only affects accounts created after this limit was introduced, which have never had membership, however this trade limit is lifted once the player obtains membership and the limit will never come back once membership is activated on the account. The limit will never be removed until the player subscribes. Some players have criticised about this limit, saying that it is unfair to require the purchase of membership in order to remove a trade limit.

Sadly you either need to purchase membership or do the trade in lower/multiple increments.

21-Sep-2018 12:43:20

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