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Yottabyte said:
Maxstacks said:
Update your lines more frequently dudes
Inb green h ween 408m

Imo I feel like either most people aren't reporting sales/buys for lowers or nobody plays anymore. Maybe both. It's really disappointing. Makes pricing less-transparent.

Actually, player counts are currently the highest they've been since EOC. So it definitely isn't that nobody is playing. There was a reddit post covering this in clear detail only a week or two ago. Additionally, Jagex posts record profits near yearly. From both a player count perspective and a profitibility perspective, the game is actually RECOVERING, not dying! This truth is contrary to what some people would have you believe.

All this to say, I'm quite confident that your former statement that people just aren't reporting their trades on lowers as much, or alternatively may not be dealing in lowers as much, gets close to pointing at the real reason for the infrequency of lower line updates. This infrequency in line updates is certainly not because less people are playing.

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King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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Asuna Yuuki6 said:
311 said:
Asuna Yuuki6 said:
Add Celica said:
Bought Cracker 14B - opened got Blue

Cracker is 20-25b right? considering the rarity it should be atleast higher than a blue phat

Cracker hasn't been worth more than blue in quite a long time now actually, so that was some nice profit for Celica. Rarity doesn't solely dictate an item's price. Cosmetic appeal plays a part too, and because you can't wear crackers it lowers its potential big time.

in that case never mind.
I just thought rarity was one of the main reasons for the high value on the partyhats and the cracker. so for partyhats its because of the cosmetic value and cracker partly the rarity but its lower because it has no cosmetic value or high interest?, or is it a different reason?

Make no mistake, partyhats are ALSO rare. 311 wasn't saying it's cosmetic value for one (phats) exclusively and rarity value for the other (cracker) exclusively that gives them their high value. He was saying that BOTH rarity and cosmetic/show-off appeal play a role in the value of these items. The main difference being, you can't wear a cracker.

So it's rarity for a cracker that primarily creates it's value, and BOTH rarity and cosmetic/flexing appeal for phats.

So this means you were partially right in thinking that rarity is a main reason for the high value of phats. It's just not the only reason.

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