99mining+Smithing Money Making

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I have 99 mining and 99 smithing.
Would it be better to make runite bars and sell those or high alch rune plate bodies?
1 Runite Bar = 12.4k x5=62000
1 Rune Plate body = 5 Rune bars. Rune PlateBody high alch = 39k
So I answered my question. It would be better to sell Runite Bars for money.

But why?
Why even bother getting 99 when their is esentially zero reason.
Obviously if you want a skill cape, ect.
In the end, I feel 99 smithing deserves more of a reward.
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24-Dec-2018 11:34:53

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In the long run you can actually make money by smithing rune 2h's by using a portable forge, use "Portables" FC to help find a location. You save bars using it and can sell them in bulk to alcher's or alch them yourself. One of the biggest rs3 stakers. - 80b rs3 pot (won) and 140b (lost)

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24-Dec-2018 13:59:16

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why are you asking about rune, when new ores and bars are coming out in approx. 2 weeks / sometime in jan, or longer if any problems occur.

F4 said:
Have you not heard of the mining and smithing rework that's coming out in the next couple months?

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