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Calm Enigma

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Yup it's pretty clear that marching hugely magnified swh price movements - both upwards and downwards. I don't think the core value of the item has changed though. Swh has become more useful and the price will eventually reflect that imo. The current underpricing will probably just be corrected more naturally and gradually from here on. -

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02-Feb-2017 09:58:21

Skull Huntin
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Skull Huntin

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This was a few days ago, just saw this thread.

Zuriel staff 26m
Zuriel top 6m
Zuriel bottom 7m

Working well at araxxor with supreme runic accuracy, even without it's not a huge drop.

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inb morrigan chaps 2b
inb morrigan body 7b
inb zuriel bottom 7b
inb few armour patches 7b

nib more patches 7s

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