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I had a question about the newton skilling pet if anyone could help me out. Anything I come across is that it's a random chance while training magic, but i'm looking for a more specific answer. I already have 99 magic, roughly 13.7m experience which I know effects the chance of getting one. My question is, is it just completly random while you're doing something magic related or can you tip the chances slightly in your favor?

Would I be better off doing something like killing hordes of abyssal creatures with magic, or would it amount to the same chance as alchin consistently?


24-Jun-2018 21:28:22

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So all skilling pets fall into one of two categories, tick based or experience based. Tick based one means you get the same chance per time of doing it, no matter what you do, and exp based will give you greater chances with bigger exp drops.

All combat skilling pets, including Newton, are experience based. This basically means you're better off doing the best exp/hr methods to get it. Thus alching would be significantly worse than camping abyss, to use your two examples.

24-Jun-2018 22:43:57

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