Smithy? Golem Armor? How rare?

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So I was mining my little heart out today and made some bank like hit my first mill sort of ban and then something absolutely amazing happened! At around 128k xp in smithing I got this little pet called smithy! I looked him up on the forums and apparently this little guys is extremely rare. So please believe me when I say I'm so sorry to those at millions and millions of xp who have yet to be awarded this pet.

Now I have a question about the dialogue from this little guy(he is sooo adorable btw)

I love that steely attitude! So, I had a new idea for a new set of armour - I designed it all, right, even developed the first part but I need some help - those forges are pretty big for a golem like me.

Where is this armor and do I need 120 defense to get it? I tried to look it up on google but nothing really was able to explain it. If this is a real thing and any of you vets out there know about it please hit me up! I want this armor to be my ultimate quest for smithing!

P.S. Again so sorry to those who have yet to get this pet! Also if someone is willing could you tell me the chances of me getting this pet at 128k xp mining a rune platebody +3 for 24xp per hit I would greatly appreciate it!

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