Is a partyhat still reachable?

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If you started playing runescape today as a total noob, do you think you would be able to afford a partyhat? As it stands PvMing pretty much no longer is enough to keep up with the price rises and casual players (1-2 hrs p/day) have no hope. Join my clan!

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1)buy bonds/rwt money (~4800 USD with bonds, ~2700 USD with RWT sites, give or take)

2)get into professional, high end merching (gona take a long time)

3)max up your account, and PvM like a crapload Rax/AoD/Telos (gonna take even more time)

4)stake (gonna need a lot of RNG or scamming/bug abusing)

Assuming you start your account today, with no knowledge of the game, theres virtually no chance youll ever hold a PH, unless, ofc if you decide to buy one with $. By the time youll have enough levels/gear/knowledge once could decide to go for a ph, I think blue will reach 150b.

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I got my first partyhat in 2011 after 4 years of playing. I bought a purple for 900 something mil. If you were to start today as someone who had no knowledge of anything, I do not think it would be possible unless this player was extremely dedicated and played many hours a day which resulted in money making methods. The prices of rares are insane now and there is a large amount of wealth inequality.

It can be possible but this new player is going to have to wait years like I did and they will have to play many hours a day. They will need to be quick learners and understand the game very well.

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I think it would be extremely difficult to achieve even the cheapest partyhat from a scratch start in the current game situation..( not counting purchasing thru bonds...etc)

Back when I first bought a purple phat, I only had to spend like a few months into flipping to make bank from 40m to 1.3b (purple was 1.2b at that time), I then spend another 4 months to make enough for a white. Everything was easy and simple. (it was just casual flipping, taking like 30mins everyday)

But for now, phats costs too much and they rises too fast for a new player to catch up with.
Santas or Hween masks are realistic goals for current new players, not partyhats.

Partyhats are now truly reserved for the elites. :)

01-Oct-2017 18:38:26

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I've played for a decade now, and i've never gotten a phat. My friend's who have were just far more dedicated to endgame pvm than me. I think there still obtainable, but realistically they are not. Anyone starting nowadays shouldn't set it as a goal "Just want you to ask yourself; when you gain results the wrong way, what are you left with? Only dark regret and a deep emptiness that have nowhere to go." -
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Let's be honest though anyone who starts the game wont have phat as a goal for months or years. It is possible if they really want to its just a case of why bother thinking about that when you just started playing, unless you returned to the game on a fresh new account or whatever.

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At their current prices and how quickly they're rising, probably not, which should tell you a bit about how blatantly they are being manipulated. Most partyhat trades are merchants selling to other merchants, artificially forcing the price up.

My advice is to wait. Some hoarders will dump once they stagnate and there will be no real buyers able to afford them so they will plummet.

01-Oct-2017 20:00:00

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Should be possible within 1 year I think,10b for purple?
You can flip bonds for 100-200m a week with 500m-1000m already and then just go from there.
If you play a lot of pvm then probably as well.

Is it still worth it to go for? no definitely not,those times have long gone.

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It is pretty much entirely out of range for new players. Heck, most high-tier dedicated PvMers (excluding the absolute world class of PvMers) as well as mid and low-tier discontinued item merchants can't (or can barely) keep pace with current phat rises.

This bubble will either burst eventually, be constrained by Jagex somehow eventually, or prices will continue to climb and eventually will get so ridiculous that only like 10 players will eventually be left that can afford them outside of turning in their own keepsaked items for them (probably causing prices to plummet at that point like Toadie said so that the highest tier merchants actually have someone to sell to and trade with as that pool of potential buyers is steadily decreasing as prices rise). These are the only places I really see these rises going eventually.

I don't for a second think that these recent massive price rises are naturally caused by standard economic factors or that they can realistically continue forever. Something has got to give somewhere.

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