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Doodlez500 said:
Do people from this rs3 generation even know partyhats exist? I don't play rs3 anymore, but log in every once in a while to check out changes and no one even cares about partyhats anymore.

Uhmmm... have you had a look around the items discussion forums recently? Talked in a high level clan chat or FC recently? Been on RS3 recently? I see discussion about them near daily. Of course people know they exist.

They are pretty frequently a hot topic on forum posts, on reddit, and also in game in addition to being some of the most sought after items in game. It's a rare day I don't see them mentioned in game tbh by people other than myself and I'm not just talking about world 2 GE btw. I do most of my trades by pm'ing people I'm interested in trading with and don't actually spend much time on w2, so it's NOT like I'm just hanging out with rare traders all day and thus only seeing a small sub-section of the community.

These people (some are even low levels) I see daily are RS3 players just doing their thing outside of the merching world who just happen to be talking about phats.

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