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There is an aura called Supreme Corruption. It takes a cumulative of 111,000 loyalty points to buy, which includes the price of the lower tier versions required to get the Supreme version.
When this aura first came out, it (and the saradomin and guthix counterparts - corruption is the zamorak version) was popular for it's cosmetic wings effect. These were the first "wings" available to RS3 players in the game, predating the Solomon's store.
Besides the cosmetic wing effects that made these auras popular, it's other "primary" effect, which it has always had, is a small bonus to prayer xp gained. Like I said, in the beginning, this aura was mostly used for it's cosmetic feature. The prayer bonus xp is negligible.
However, and I don't know if the lower tiers carry this as well, but Supreme Corruption also now grants a prayer restore effect. This is a 10% prayer point recovery after gaining 500 prayer XP.
To my knowledge, this effect was not always part of the Supreme Corruption aura. I personally purchased the aura for the beautiful wings.
If you haven't figured it out yet, though, this second effect of the aura is actually quite incredible. It is comparable to penance, and in some places may fare even better than penance. One very handy location for this aura, where the prayer restore effect is handy, is at vyrewatches. Killing vyres with a sunspear will grant more than enough prayer XP to maintain soulsplit for the full hour without ever touching any sort of potion. There may be other handy locations for this aura. I have not gotten to test it yet, but it might be worth trying with infernal urns at abyssal demons, or something.

Anyway, I just wanted to bring this prayer restore effect to the public's attention. The auras are very well known for the beautiful cosmetic wings, but I don't often see people training combat with it. Everyone talks about vampyrism and penance.
I have only tested it at vyres, but even so, Supreme Corruption seems comparably useful.

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