Wilderness Sword 3 Needs BUFF

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So I just unlocked the
wilderness sword 3
, requiring the completion of Wildy hard tasks. The ONLY benefit it gives (when worn/wielded) is 'The Mage of Zamorak has a chance to teleport the player to the centre of the Abyss'.

Doing several abyss rc runs using the sword... out of about 50 times the mage of zamorak teleported me to the abyss, the benefit activated only twice. I'm estimating the chance of it proccing is about
5% or less
. EVEN SO, what good is that? Either I'm extremely unlucky, or this benefit is negligible. I would like to see myself get teleported to the centre at least once every 5 teleports, this would make sense as an ACTIVE benefit from wielding the sword. I might as well not have done the hard tasks as the Wilderness sword 1 is enough. There is not even a huge delay to mine the rocks or pass through the gap to enter the centre of the abyss, so buffing the chance to get teleported to the centre at least 20% of the time should not be that big of a deal.

13-Jun-2018 21:05:46

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