Tavia's fishing rod price?

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I bought one in the GE for 699m like a week ago idk

Couldn't believe it because of their rarity and I didn't think they would almost be as cheap as a santa... but there ya go lol

02-Aug-2018 01:55:05

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I've bought/sold some between 600-700m over the last month. They are quite low volume, takes ages to buy/sell sometimes. Hard -> 3a Range Top (#357), 3a Full Helm (#439), Barrows Dye (#1755)
Elite -> Shadow Dye (#510), Barrows Dye (#680, #1567), 3a Druidic Staff (#969), Sack of Effigies (#972), Ice Dye (#1539)
Master -> Barrows Dye (#480)

02-Aug-2018 12:21:19

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