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Primal Binds
Aug Member 2018

Primal Binds

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I love OSRS. At first I was skeptical because I had Comp cape and good ranks on RS3 and didn't wanna throw all that away so I quit for a several years.

Having come back from my long hiatus I am really enjoying OSRS and all the cool updates Ive learned about since playing again.

I wish for HD graphics but I love what I got here and mobile makes it so much easier to play.

02-Oct-2018 23:50:53

Mar Member 2019


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Support. The only thing I wish you'd have done is post this in OSRS general instead. That place is practically a war zone with conflicting groups and really needs some positivity lol.

03-Oct-2018 18:32:19



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OSRS is great. I alternate between RS3 and OSRS regularly. While there's stuff I like in RS3, I appreciate the old school approach in OSRS, with some simpler approaches to various elements, and the focus on good quality content.

12-Oct-2018 04:28:31

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