Easter Fete 2019

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Oh you guys did a very very nice job on the lumby crater.

And the Easter bunny on stage let me get a picture of us together.

The little miniquest thing was really nice and got 2 th keys too!

I enjoyed it very much.

I do admit I missed the usually skilling method of the spring fayre and
beach events but all in all so far I have been happy with all of it.

Even having the other "Avoiding dental catastrophe" at the same time
was nice.

to go on the cottontail knight armor was just lovely!! It is one of the
best outfits I have. And to be honest this was so easy to get you can
all 4 pieces from GE for little over 1 mil.

Thanks all way around Jagex! This has been one of the nicer events
with things tied in like you have done so with the th, the lumby crater
and the Dental Catastrophe all at same time.
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18-Apr-2019 12:02:05

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Support. Atleast they've done something. .
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24-Apr-2019 06:03:57

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