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24-Jan-2017 20:55:07

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Welcome back - Glad you were able to recover your account.

I think the quote below from Chow has some great points as to how you may have lost your account

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It's hard to recommend a player on how to improve their account security in these kinds of cases.

If your account has been successfully recovered then this means you have a large amount of personal information known to the hijacker(s).
- Billing information
- Previously used passwords (especially if used across multiple platforms)
- Account creation details

Each time your account was hijacked, and at the time your email was changed, did you change it back to the same email as before? If so, I'd highly recommend creating a completely new email address and using that as your new Registered Email. I'd also recommend applying two-step authenticator to it, because at this point it sounds like your email is compromised.

Why I think your email might be compromised:
You've lost access to your account without your email changing twice. This means the Hijacker has your Login + Password. You've either fallen for a phishing scam or the Hijacker is performing password resets through your very email, assuming they have access to it.

Account Security
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Basically if the Hijacker has gotten access to your registered email, they can easily turn off notifications so that you don't get anything regarding changes to your emails. In addition simply accessing your registered email can allow hackers to change the registered email on your account so that you can't recover the account. It's really easy to do if you are not careful in what you are watching/clicking on, as most cases emails are compromised from phishing websites and or using their registered email on non-trusted sites.

I would recommend having a look at these links here to ensure you are secured as much as possible:
Securing your computer and account
Keeping your email secure

I'm glad you got your account back but make sure you are extra careful on the internet this time around. :)
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25-Jan-2017 01:41:06

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Hi GrinoReigns and welcome to the forums. :)

GrinoReigns said:
I just want to put this in here, but thank you so much for unbanning my account.

I had taken a couple month break and came back to see my account perma-banned for macroing and since it was unappealable I just had to take it with no idea why. I tried starting up another character, but i was so mad about my original clean account getting unfairly banned without me being able to even talk to someone about it that I just couldn't get back into the game.

Today I tried to log in bcs I heard that there was a chance that bans got double checked internally and I was able to recover my account. I lost all my stuff, -edit-even dropped my graceful, but to not have to do all the quests and skill back up is well worth it.

In short thank you that even though I couldn't initiate the process you still held true and reviewed the account and gave me him back

Could I also please get some feedback on how someone could get into an account with an Auth, two step on email, and a pin and I never was notified by email that this stuff was being turned off?

The above is the opening content which has been hidden. A swear word or two (in a slightly censor-evasive form) were removed to keep things appropriate for the forums, as profanity isn't something that is permitted.

This thread has also been moved to the Compliments forum - it is, after all, primarily a thank you to Jagex's support staff for taking a second look and reversing the ban on the account. If you are still after information regarding how your account may have been accessed with the security safeguards in place that you had, you may create a thread asking specifically that within the Account Help forum.

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28-Jan-2017 10:42:12

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@Kids Coffee

Please don't post your E-Mail address anywhere within the Forums. It's a huge risk for your system security.

If you need help with an account issue please make your own thread in Community Led Account Help section.

Comprehensive Account Security
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28-Jan-2017 11:14:12

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