New year's resolutions - GJ!

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Seriously. Good job!

You took what the community had to say about the zombie tasks to heart and the result is a fair reward to effort ratio.

the tasks are shorter, they do not costs heaps of cash and there is really no need to spend stickers(unless you really, really hate heist or lack the levels)

The suit is nice, the animations are nice and the overall feel of this promo vs it's predecessor is a lot more fun.

My issues with this promo other than the stickers no being bankable are so small I even consider them nit-picky and won't bother mentioning them.

I would love the suit even more if the blue lines also changed colors to match the rest of the suit.

Again. Good job.

Happy new year.
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09-Jan-2017 02:40:59

Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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Thanks :) Glad you enjoyed, and felt the changes we made were a good compromise. Mod Kalaya |
Product Manager | @JagexKalaya

09-Jan-2017 16:45:39

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Yes. Support recolouring the blue lines.
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10-Jan-2017 04:53:15

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