Runefest 2018

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Its Yasminex
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Its Yasminex

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Where to start, so ive just gotten back from runefest, went on Friday evening, waited for an hour and a half at the front of the que, got a goodie bag, had a long ol chat with mod ash and got a picture, met mod kerian, ice p, b0aty and loads of others, had some good food and sat for the live orchestra and my god. My mind was blown away. you think the cd and digital downloads are good, seeing it live was breath taking. mod Marks script was brilliant. met some friends that ive known in game for years but never met. after the evening was done i went back and slept and came back on the Saturday morning, i watched all the announcements and played rs mobile, and just generally hung out and chatted to mods.

It cost me £150 to get in and £50 in fuel, i though it was expensive when i booked but now i see why, i would pay double.

I've been home for a few hours and im still buzzing.

Thank you to runescape for the best weekend ive ever had i really didn't want to leave it was genuinely the best thing ive been too ever and i will be back next year

Thank you
A reeallllly happy player

PS when can i book for next year :P

06-Oct-2018 21:20:54

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