Revenant outfit

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Xmas 2018
Nov Member 2017

Xmas 2018

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I purchased this outfit from Solomon's Store for 600 RuneCoins. Coins well spent!!

It looks awesome and I love the fact I can just float everywhere now, it really appeals to my lazy side :D

And the glow... the glow. Good grief, I love the glow. After 13 years I only just discovered I've been playing on Low Def.

So a switch to Hi Def, a trip to the now-darker Pyramid Plunder - and combined with the glow of the torches it's just beautiful.

So thanks!! :D
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29-Dec-2015 18:20:32

3lue 3alls
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3lue 3alls

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Hello, I'm in a bit of a pickle and I'm getting reallly stressed out; I saw a player in pvp area and he was floating around. I thought it looked super awesome so I purchased the revenant walk animation only to find out it's not working in the pvp area. It works outside of pvp but as soon as I walk in it brings me back to the ground! The only reason I purchased this was solely because it makes a pker look super OP. I am very saddened by this and would like an answer :) if there's a way to fix it please do! Also the hand stand rest mode doesn't work also :/

27-Jan-2017 16:33:33

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