Fate of the gods

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So I head in one of your videos that only about 18 players ever completed the Kethsi outfit. So I went and gave that a shot, only to find out I could not enter the portal yet, but after a bit of wiggling around and looking at the pole next to it I got it and got into the Fate of the Gods quest without intending to. And as I'm not a great quester I expected this to be just a task and I read it was a long and hard quest but I got into it.

Well, hats off to you guys. The quest was imo short, it had a puzzle, a maze, depth if you wanted to (I still skipped collecting the memories), good scenery, great boss fight and nice end talk, I enjoyed it a lot! And that means a lot coming from a non-quester like me.

14-Jan-2019 21:01:17

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