Easter Event 2019

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As always I love doing these holiday events in Runescape! I remember doing them since 2007 so I have a bunch of nostalgia! I really enjoyed this one for this year so thank you guys! Too bad you can't go back and replay some of the old ones because I would love to do that again! Hello there! I'm literally that Scrub ;)+

11-Apr-2019 18:12:00

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I remember one event so many years ago, haven't really done many since, where you'd turn into a rabbit and navigate under some tunnel system and help mr. Easter Bunny himself. If players could, disregarding any technical issues and whatnot Jagex could fix, become the rabbit anywhere as long as they wanted, that'd be the best reward; despite game breaking. .
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12-Apr-2019 16:53:46

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