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Given that I likely will skip the paid version of RS3 due to my job and other commitments IRL, somehow I really appreciate the way Jagex does Free-to-play for this game.

Firstly, there isn't a "time-limited trial/demo" where I am given at most 1 month to play the game as much as possible, for this would clash with my daily schedule unless I have holidays. I very much prefer to play at to my own pace with peace of mind knowing that I am not "rushed" to "get the most out of my time-limited trial". A while ago I shared this particular thought of mine with a fellow gamer friend, to which he agreed.

On the other hand F2P RS3, although understandably much smaller than the P2P version, still offers quite a lot of contents to explore IMO. Depending on new players' interest, my (probably inaccurate?) estimation is that it can take up to a day or longer (in-game hours) to get the feel of every major aspects of the F2P game, which involves doing things such as exploring the F2P map region, completing a couple of quests, interacting with a fair amount of different NPCs, reaching modest milestones in all skills, etc. I find that quite impressive compared with several "free demo's" of other games that I have tried in the past.

And last but not least, I like how F2Pers are included in various special events, be those holiday or non-holiday events. This, combined with how my F2P account will never expire under normal circumstances, offer me a reason to revisit RS occasionally even after I decided I have done everything worth doing in the F2P game.

Discussions about "free-to-play" are likely trigger points for nasty debates and rants within the community. I can also picture contrasting views and perspectives on F2P, and tbh I still wish I can get access to more P2P contents as a F2Per :P Regardless, I still want to say: Thank you Jagex for the reasonable way you do Free-to-play for this game. ;)
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