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12-Oct-2017 22:50:40

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The Authenticator is the new minimum recommended level of security. Did you have it activated? If not, you should, even if you are leaving. You never know when you may come back and you don't want this to happen again. Info on how to set it up (on mobile) or info on how to set it up (PC).
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Account security rests with us. It's why we need a secure email account tied to our characters. It's recommended to have a 2 step verification email address like the type that google uses with G-Mail.

On top of that Authenticator is also a great tool to have enabled on your account as then a hijacker needs your code that changes every minute to access your character.

It's worth noting that all security measures Jagex can provide are tied to our email addresses so if we are lax in our email security then yes our accounts are in jeopardy cause requests to disable anything or password changes all take place in our registered email addresses.

As this is certainly not a compliment it's been locked.
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