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I first made an account here a year and one month ago. I made a regular character and played it for about a month or so. I came to hate standing at portables all day so I made an iron. Loved it, suited my play style. Made it to Priff and it's still an HCIM, (username DarkHumor) however I needed a break. I had played that account for almost a year for hours every day.

So, I did actually play Destiny 2 for about 2 months. Honestly, yeah that's a good game with really good graphics however, there just isn't enough there to hold my interest. Once you get to the end game content you really need to go out with a fireteam. There just isn't enough to do for a solo-style player. I ended up running around doing the same adventures I'd already done only in Heroic, which just means it's the same thing only harder. I did a lot of patrols; again same thing over and over. Kind of upset I bought an Annual Pass, but meh, maybe they'll come out with a new campaign or something later on. And I will go and play it for a month before coming back here I'm sure.

Here there are a ton of skills to train, and a lot of quests. The community is toxic at times, but that isn't the developers fault really, other than giving these people a voice that is listened to sometimes too much.

At any rate, rs3 is a game I'll always keep coming back to. There are things I hated until I did them over and over (dungeoneering). There are still things I really don't like to do, (divination), and there are quests I just want to get through and be done with. However, even the stuff I don't like gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of a gaming session.

Not all players who leave do so because they don't like the game they are playing. They just need a break. Keep with your vision of what you wanted this game to be. Stick with that and I'll keep coming back. Now, I have a new HCIM to play :)

07-Jan-2019 13:56:19

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