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Just wanted to say thank you to all the mod that investigate hi jacked accounts. I randomly wanted to start playing again and was devastated when I found out my account was perm banned about a year ago. idk how you guys do it but im sooooooooooo happy that you guys saw what I was saying. I might have lost my bank but I have my account back and for that I am forever grateful. thank you so much!!!!!

23-Oct-2018 00:25:36

Skod River
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Skod River

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So happy to hear that it worked as it should work :)

Now is it time to do your part , so it do not happen again.

Make sure that your registered email are secure with 2fa.
Auth set up for your account.
Bank pin on the accounts in game bank.

Happy scapping :D
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24-Oct-2018 12:03:45

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