I appreciate this game.

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Over the last 18 years of my life I have played this game mainly on here but on
a few others.

I wanted to say thanks for the farming skill. It was my first noncombat 99 and
earlier today I got 120 in it. MInd you IRL i cant grow a cactus seems like I
water it too much and the rest of plants not enough.. I just cant win haha.

But this game has given me friends like I never thought I would have. Some
I have seen in real life, some I talk to on the phone and others that share emails.

I enjoy all my pets ofc I have a few favorites.. The baby gargoyle (crabbe) and
the Kirin-- I wish i could actually scratch his head when he bends down to me,
he seems to really need it. But I suppose my favorite is that baby Kurask I have.
I think I enjoy it more than any other "item" pet.

All in all Thank you for the past years. My hubby introduced me to this game.
I want to say here that I have told him not to make me choose between him or the
game, he may not like the choice I make.

Thanks for the game and for all the friends Ive made.
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18-Oct-2018 18:05:06

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