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Hi everyone! :)

This thread is specifically dedicated to the wonderful Audio team of Runescape :D

They have created and composed thousands of wonderful sound effects and songs. They definitely deserve this thread!

Here are the current Audio Team:

Mod Lord
Mod Ian
Mod Bond (Adam)

Past members of the Audio Team include:

Mod Adam R (Adam Arrgh!)
Mod Mik
Mod Grace
Mod Abbie - Intern

When I originally created this thread, I didn't create any reserves, :P so, here are some important posts:

Mod Bond's
JMod Profile

Mod Bond's
Jmod Profile

Mod Ian's Jmod Profile

For a list of tracks which have been reworked and in line to be reworked, click on this. For the link to the original thread where that was posted, click here :).

The audio team have twitter accounts! :D The 2 audio mods who do have one so far are
Mod Lord
Mod Bond

I can't link you directly to the website but you can find the link here! :D

We now have an Audio Team FC! :D

Mod Abbie
FC Name:
Music Makers

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A few of my favourtie songs:
Wrath and Ruin
High Spirirts
Pharoah's Tomb
May I know who composed these songs because I think these are great!!!

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Yeah I love the songs in the game, and the newest are pretty cool with the 'special effects 'like that one from the halloween event ! :)

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Mod Adam R

Mod Adam R

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I have to agree, Black Zabeth rocks. You can also hear Mod Bond's beautiful singing voice!
Mod Adam Argh!
Audio Team

27-Oct-2010 12:14:03

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