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Runescape has been around for a while and I've been playing for a while and I wanted to share my story and appreciation with the game. Back in 2004 My family had moved to Ohio and one of my next door neighbors had a young boy at the time, he was older then me but he showed me the game. I was instantly hooked and spent years playing the game. As I got older they announced the newest combat evolved update and I dipped out at that point. I always kept an eye on the game because the itch RS gives I cant get anywhere else. I picked the game back up after a little bit and really tried to learn RS3 and it was hard at first but eventually I figured out legacy mode and it allowed me to play the game with updated graphics for a while.

Then Life happened. I got kicked out and lost everything I owned. I had to finish high school homeless. I managed to do it because I took the grinding mentality of Runescape and applied it to school. I graduated with straight A's Because I was raised on this game.

Finally after 3 years I finally saved up enough to build a computer I started playing all the other games on the market but there was that itch. I knew what it was and I knew what had to happen. I wound up downloading RS again to see if i could possibly get back into it. Sure enough here I am.

There's a big reason as to why I am playing this game verses others and its because of my son who is due any day. I know I wont be able to have the time to play games like I used to and its stopped me from playing a lot of games but because of the way Runescape is structured it allows for quick intermittent breaks while still making progress which is exactly what I have been looking for in a game.

The Fact that this game is still around after all these years and you guys have constantly listened to the players and updated content is why I love this game so much. I cant wait to see what will happen with this game in the future and cant wait to hop back in the community.

24-Oct-2018 02:46:04

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