i like cows and music

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thanks for the farms..lots of limiters currently with it but i like it, for a while there it was pretty dry of new content and thanks for the vinyl love collecting music tracks from my favorite games like i have skyrim's music set

17-Sep-2018 23:06:41

A Rose Thorn
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Loving the animal farming. :-)

TurmoilxTTV I think the built in limitations make it a little more believable.

Erm with suspension of disbelief. That is we choose to play this game / read this book / see this film. And enjoy these, yes we know it is not possible really, but choose to suspend disbelief in order to enjoy game/book/film.

I am soooooo glad we are able to release animals that we do not want to breed or sell.
Real world farmers would have to kill these animals. ( yes i know it is not real. ... but I just LIKE being able to release much more )

02-Oct-2018 06:43:58

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