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My friends and I just got back to the game about a month ago after a two year long break!!

We've been noticing all the changes and it has yet again clinged to our souls and brought us back into the Runescape fun spirit!

The music is a full 10/10 now, I LOVE the music. So different, well done.

Though I've been back almost a month, I have not yet done all the new bosses and new content but what I have done is all of the new elite dungeons. Also a solid 8/10.
This is what I thought dungeoneering WAS going to be. Unfortunately, It wasn't... But now!!! I've gotten exactly what I wanted. A Runescape Dungeon! Who would have known.... :) Very fun, profitable... Exciting. They're NEARLY perfect! THANK YOU!

>>>8/10 due to the fact it seems drops are nerfed for taking a team... I feel it should be equal all across the board. Don't nerf the drops for taking a team. This is more a team-friendly game and you don't wanna take that away! :D We have plenty of solo-play, and those included. Just keep the drops well-rounded, no nerfs:)

-Though, ED1 seems harder than ED2 and ED3. Weird, but I'll go with it. :D

OMG and the raising of different things, I haven't gotten much into it but I played a game called "Ark Survival Evolved" while I was away, my favorite part of that game was the breeding, it kept me busy for 2 years! Coming back and seeing that the team has put together something similar really peaks my interests! Love this update as well.

Keep the good work coming through Jagex! :) *Fist in the air!* Woohoo!!!
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The music is certainly well done. .
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