You cannot just quit Runescape

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So, I used to say this to a lot of people back in the day..."Even if you are hacked, or you die with everything on at get a huge loss at merch...however badly you think you want to, you just cant quit runescape". But then my acc got hacked and as i had no security steps associated with it, i quit after a couple attempts of trying to recover it. this was back in 2012. Now after 5 years, I do not know why but i made a new account to play runescape, this only reaffirming my own statement. I would like to know weather similar thing happened to you or someone you know. Gamer at soul, Designer at heart.

27-Mar-2017 11:17:21

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Im like so many people on the forums when someone says "I'm quitting Runescape." I say "Ok I will see you next week."

Out of everyone who has told me they are quitting only one truely did.

He was a 2 or 3 hour a day runescaper and he told me he could no longer prioritize his life in Runescape and his life devoted to his Religion. Although I believe everything is ok in moderation he said he could no longer do it.

I still keep in touch with him thru emails but I have to give him credit. He gave up Runescape for what he thought was right.

Everyone else.. well i saw them the following week. :P
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27-Mar-2017 11:54:00

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Even being banned for the most ridiculous reason "which i did not do" and giving away billions of gp and then trying to quit could not get me to leave, i tried and tried to leave but always come back and where i was once one of those billionaires that just hoarded money, what jagex actually done to me was not ban me but make me realize there is more to this game than gp and i play now only to make cash to give away.

So Jagex, i won, not you!
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28-Mar-2017 11:13:09



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Miss my teen years when I had so much time to dedicate to this game. I work twelve hour shifts now throughout the week and I try to find some time to play. Playing reminds me of the simpler times. RuneScape's my refuge from all of the madness of life for sure!
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30-Mar-2017 01:33:13

OSRS Loved

OSRS Loved

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i wish i knew about osrs i wouldnt have ever taken a break if i knew
i left after eoc and had no idea about osrs till recently

im tempted to go on strike against the pvm heavy updates but i know i wont quit

01-Apr-2017 19:19:20

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