You cannot just quit Runescape

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You really can quit playing runescape when the time is right. Four years or so since I stopped playing and no inclination to log in game again. I pop on the forums once or twice a year but still not enticed back in game. For everything there is a time.

That said, I loved the time I spent playing the game, it was great fun and Jagex provided something very special. Keep having fun guys!

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you can, you are just weak of mind. runescape is pretty poor with getting answers and even worse when it comes to problems. they have a bad history of forgiving streamers and coming down hard on regular players...

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I've tried to quit so many times over the years but I couldn't find myself to do it. Lol I've had to recover this account so many times, and I've had my fair share of losses, both in Wilderness and Stakings back when dueling was heavily popular. I might've took a break for about a week or 2, maybe even a month, but then I'd come right back because I just don't give up. I would always tell myself, "Ah, it's just a game." even though I'd subconsciously get upset because of the time I had invested just as anyone would.

Here I am, 14 years later, last time I've played actively was in 2015, here we are in 2018, and I'm planning on making my return to this game that I've played here and there throughout my childhood, so I guess you're right! One simply cannot just quit playing RuneScape. :P however, do NOT let it consume your REAL LIFE.

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