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I don't know where to post this so I thought here was a good idea. If anyone knows where else I am supposed to post this please let me know. My account, that I had played for over 10 years without ever causing trouble or getting banned or muted all of the sudden got banned for macroing. I have no idea what macroing is and I knew I had not done this. It was a perm ban so years of playing gone. I thought you couldn't appeal perm bans so I didn't appeal. Someone told me to appeal a couple of days ago so I did. Anyway, to make a long story short I haven't had access to his account for two years now. My appeal went through and I got back this loved account this morning and I wanted to thank Mod Selfie for being kind enough to take a good look at my account and see that I didn't do anything wrong. So, thank you Mod Selfie. I very much appreciate your time!

02-Oct-2018 05:38:43

Skod River
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Hey Aleeyna.

Gz with getting your account unbanned :)

Then would i really suggest you to boost your security :

2fa on your account email.
Auth for your account.
Bank pin for your account.

Don't know which reply Mod Selfie gave you , but normally when Jagex are unbanning a account , do it for the most be that they could see in the account digital record , that you was not in control of the account when it got caught and banned.

J mods can see every post here on the forums , but you could have made a thread in this section : Compliments

Happy Scapping :D
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02-Oct-2018 09:25:14

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Its always nice to see pple thank a mod or Jagex in general. So many times its only rants
or bad things.

Glad you got your account back.
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02-Oct-2018 11:18:49

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Welcome back! You're of the very few, to.

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03-Oct-2018 17:52:45

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