Jagexisms: The Timbo Tree

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I love the little things that make this game what it is -- I love the little things that make RuneScape, well, RuneScape.

There's tons of examples now, and there have been tons over the years, but right now, there's no better example than the Timbo tree.

I love the way Jagex has responded to the community's response on the removal of the tree, I absolutely adore it. I think it's unique, and I don't know of any other company that's playful like that (I could be wrong, feel free to correct me if I am, but regardless!!).

I also love how the community has come together over this tree. This is a very unique community. This is a strong community. We are mighty. But, point here is, I just love the way that everyone who is anyone knows about the Timbo tree, and we all make jokes about it, and it's our own little RS3 thing.

That's all, really.

Kudos to the JMods behind the Timbo tree and all that, as well as to the community for the responses both to the initial disappearance of the tree, as well as to the developments of the tree's regrowth. :)
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14-Dec-2015 22:31:06

Mod Kalaya

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Jeremy C said:
The Timbo Tree was a very nice detail added to the game, and will forever be a pillar in Runscape's history.

Now... If only we could locate a seagull feather


There is a seagull in game which drops a feather :P

The Mods behind the tree thing is Timbo and Easty - Timbo for proposing the idea and Easty for carrying out the deed. Glad you've enjoyed our Tree-felling antics!
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06-Jan-2016 14:56:29

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