Anachronia agility

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FINALLY something that makes Agility about more than just running around in circles!

* Competitiveness - the timer
* Practicality - the course is actually a good way of getting around the area
* Profitability - includes a way to make money out of agility (tradable abilities)!
* Actual skill required - use of abilities to improve performance
* Varied course - interesting to go around!

Excellent job, well done to the whole creation team.

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18-Sep-2019 14:18:15

Iron Felice
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Iron Felice

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Yes, I'd agree with this :)

I'm already 99 agility, so only doing the Anachronia course to get the parts needed for the base camp and the ability upgrade, but it's still an enjoyable activity for the reasons you mention (apart from the tradable abilities of course!).

Also, it's a good activity to do on mobile when you have the odd 10 minutes to spare.

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I agree .. very solid agility course. 110% for sure best part of Archronia overall. Best wishes to all.
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18-Sep-2019 19:15:01

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Have to fully agree with you here Arch.

It's made Agility worth training again. I've done quite a bit and loved every lap.

The Codex are good too.

I like anti clock wise the best though. Seems quicker for my style. ;)
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19-Sep-2019 09:15:35

General Nali
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I do agree! Only thing which is a downside the the oils, as it makes it a grind.

Just need to mention that
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