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Great Dragon
Apr Member 2019

Great Dragon

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just came to thank every single forum mod for helping me and others. people ask ask ask for stuff but hardly anyone ever thanks you. mad respect. trust me you guys are very important and have so much respect, thank you thank you. love you guys. you help people with something very small, or large, u guys care, u do alot of work.

in short, thank you from the bottom of my heart. to all of you forum mods who do all this work and dont really get thanked from everyone, so from me, my whole clan, and everyone else, thank you.
if any of you forum mods want a free bond, ill give you one to further show my thanks, JUST LET ME KNOW! if thats not allowed then im sorry and nvm, i dont want anything in return, just thanks alot guys. wish i could do something to show my appreciation. you guys are awesome

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