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Apr Member 2019


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Can or When will Jagex offer shorter options to have membership access. Example: most osrs players come from back in 2007+ that would play during our middle school and high school years. Now most of us have full times jobs and even families and cant get enough game time in.

Why cant there be an option to buy access to membership content for 1, 2, or 3 days. selling a 24 hour period for certain amount.

A bond right now is $6.99 gives you 14 days. a weeks worth would be about $3.49. and per day would be about .49 cents. But since you are buying lower quantity the price would go up a bit i would assume, figure .50 cents to $1 a day. I think that would be a great option for those who only have time to sit down and play during a day off or when said person knows they will have time. I personally believe this will create more revenue at the end of the day when it all adds up from players who make short purchases, plus will keep us osrs players happy to be able to still play on members would and not have to buy a bond or months worth of membership when we only play a few times out of a week and let the days go to waste.

Myself ive been hoarding a bond in my account for weeks not knowing whens a good time to activate and get full advantage of the time. imagine selling membership for a dollar or less for 1 day. Im sure alot of people can spend a dollar to get access give a taste and potentially go for longer times for those who do play and have the time all day.

Hoping to see some option like this soon or in the near future!!

15-Feb-2019 21:05:19

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