Monty python, the holy grail

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A quest completely based off of monty pythons the holy grail.

Your character starts this quest in the camelot castle by Arther

During this quest you are tasked with helping fix king arther's alzheimer's by helping him with items you get throughout gielinor thats a direct parody/replica of the entire movie "monty python and the holy grail."

i figure this joke quest would be a relief as you can immerse yourself in the entire movie.

17-Feb-2019 07:37:02

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Although there are references to Monty Python in the game, "borrowing" the whole film would lead to copyright problems.

Little in-game jokes referring to the film obviously aren't a problem but I'm pretty sure Jagex would get into trouble.
Shame, as it's one of my favourite films, but that's the facts.
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17-Feb-2019 16:06:34

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I suggest you use a herring on a tree and the Grand Tree.

There are other references if you type in "Monty Python" in the RS Wiki.
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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