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Toasty E
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Toasty E

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So the bank rework has been shelved....

I have a few suggestions that will free up some bank space. Not sure if any of this has been suggested before but here goes.

An item, bag or box, to hold all the enhancers from Maw. 20 bank spaces saved.

Instead of just using the clue scroll teleports from the Globetrotter arm guards add a feature so that it can store them. Same goes for the arc journal and the teleports you get from there. Another 17 spaces saved.

Speaking of the arc........How about an item to store all the seeds you get from there and another for all the berries and one for mushrooms.

Speaking of seeds.......How about an item to store them? One for tree seeds, one for herb seeds, one for allotments and so on.

We could also have an item for storing herbs and one for storing potions. Another item to store the seconds used in making potions.

Another one would be for summoning supplies. Like all the necessary items to make the pouches. Then an item that will hold the pouches and another to store spirit gems.

We could use a pantry to store all of our food items.

We could use an item to store all of our teleport tablets.

Items like these that would store things are already in game. You have the statue collection bag and the gem bag, which could use updating to hold a lot more gems. I know they are planning on adding something when the mining/smithing update comes out to store ores and bars and are adding a barn as an update to player owned farms. I love player owned farms btw.

Ok so those are some of the ideas I had on how we could have more bank space. I am sure there are other groups of items that could use a storage item as well.

Like I stated before I do not know if any of this has already been suggested. Please do not start ranting if it has been and was shot down for some reason or already posted some where.

Thank you for reading this.

Toasty E

05-Jan-2019 19:46:04

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Better that we just ask Jagex to allow us to buy more bank space with $$. We should be able to buy enough space to hold 100% of items in game. #StopProfiling ~ You don't need to profile a post that stays on page 1!

"th rares pc" is the fc for treasure hunter tokens

05-Jan-2019 20:19:27

Bec dRapace
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Bec dRapace

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I get the feeling that the new metal bank that goes with the M & S Rework is the future of banking, and POF shows some similar trends. Not everything you might want, but slow and continuous improvement.

Yeah, that.
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06-Jan-2019 04:31:36

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Really great ideas!!!!

There already is an item to store spirit gems for summoning:

I have been really wanting a book store all the teleport scrolls you get from clue scrolls!

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Some nice ideas, but I think the arc stuff is a tad bit unneeded since you can phase out seeds and berries (sold for chimes or fed to your farm animals) as soon as you got all crossbreds and shrooms can be sliced - I would be surprised if you got much more than 4 kinds at once. Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
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07-Jan-2019 06:57:42

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arc book, TT cuffs + menaphos books store all teleports,

a book to store all normal tele tebs

a book for all love story chipped house tele tabs

make HH guy store ALL seeds herbs and vines from HH

taxidermist store all slyer/kbd/kq heads+giant sharks

a weapon wrack in PoH for quest weapons

arc chef hold all shark soup ingredients

enhancer bag for all enhancers

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Strongly agree with a few of these, particularly pantry and maw, some of the others are overkill in my opinion. The bank issue needs to be addressed and its obnoxious it has lasted this long with ethereal non committal and menial updates to placate the majority.

08-Jan-2019 21:29:51

Toasty E
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Toasty E

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Thank you all for your posts.

I hope we can get more people to agree some changes need to be made and it would be nice to see a few of my suggestions put into the game.

Just need the right person at Jagex to see our suggestions and take action.

09-Jan-2019 18:31:53

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These are great ideas!

Just one of these like: An Arc chest for all Arc related items! - Fantastic idea! I use up a lot of bank space for these items!

Bank space for all the items we end up with is a great idea too, but more importantly is to make it useful and organized.

Food items in a pantry - that's brilliant! It would make the cooking skill more enjoyable too!

I support these ideas! Take a look Jagex!

11-Jan-2019 01:38:56

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