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Hello! I definitely support all of these ideas. Here are some things that my brain created upon reading.

“Speaking of seeds.......How about an item to store them? One for tree seeds, one for herb seeds, one for allotments and so on.”

+++Yes please. A “Seed Bag” would be fantabulous. This alone would save so much space. And also seeds you are not sure about wouldn’t go to waste. The pressure of deleting something is really stressful.

“Another one would be for summoning supplies. Like all the necessary items to make the pouches. Then an item that will hold the pouches and another to store spirit gems.”

+++The basic supplies definitely should be stored better some how. Maybe it could be something friendly like a mini-yak u get from a short quest? And please make it hold-able (cosmetic purposes only)

“We could also have an item for storing herbs and one for storing potions. Another item to store the seconds used in making potions.”

+++Definitely a great pouch idea, reward from Dungeoneering (?) perhaps

“We could use a pantry to store all of our food items.”

+++This would be great. Just remember to store some food out of the pantry incase you need to grab it quick~

“We could use an item to store all of our teleport tablets.”

+++This would be so cool. Could be some book you have to forge. And all the tabs are linked together with like big rings. “Book of Tablets” ?? Would be a cool Mining/Smithing update side quest

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Here's another one, in case nobody mentioned it(I couldn't bother to read all of the posts in their entirety xD):

An Armoury!

Store various armour and weapons in it, and you could save a LOT of space! However, it does need to have some limiting factors, to keep it from being TOO good. I thought of a couple that should do the trick.

1. Make it a singular, dedicated location. Easy to teleport to, but in ONE place and ONE place only. So, maybe don't put ultra-important gear you use frequently in there. Maybe just some back-up stuff, perhaps a few niche items that are useful in certain combat scenarios, or use it as storage for your clan's equipment!(though actual clan wars don't seem to be a thing anymore...I miss going to Clan Wars to fight in an actual battle... :c)

2. Limit the number of unique items. You could have 2 billion rune longswords in there if you want, but you can't have literally every type of armor piece and weapon stored in the armoury all at once. The amount of space would be pretty generous though, maybe 20 or 30 spaces. Can't complain about potentially clearing up 30 spaces in your bank!

Also, doesn't this just make sense? Try asking your IRL bank to hold your battleaxe for you, and tell me how that goes! And yes, I know that some armours can be put in your POH, but it is super specific.
Why RS Mobile is a stupid idea

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Clan Symbol Pieces

These should ideally be able to be handed-in to the Clan Heralds, who would be able to take and store any pieces you have relating to that clan. Ithel Herald should hold Ithell Pieces, Amlodd Herald should hold Amlodd Pieces etc.

That means you'd save a total of 8 bank slots, though you'd need to teleport around with a Crystal Seed and reclaim them if you wanted to turn them into Seren's Symbols. That means you'd still have some incentive to store them in your bank, but have options if you know you won't be making any Seren's Symbols for an extended period of time.

Alternatively, they could be stored on the corresponding altars in the Tower of Voices, if the idea to have the Heralds hold them sounds too much of a long-winded pain.

Brawling Gloves

Let's make these able to be combined (add the charges together for all gloves of the same type). That would instantly reduce the amount of bank space they take up because duplicates wouldn't take-up their own stack.


Player Owned Farms should have a place to store, or an NPC who can hold any seeds you give to him (think Leprechaun). This would work well as part of the upcoming Farm Hands feature, where the player would have to pay for the service with beans.

This could work as a tiered system: pay beans to unlock the NPC who'll hold a small number (say 100) of all low-tier seeds. Upgrading him with more beans could then either unlock the ability to store mid-tier seeds with him, or upgrade the storage capacity of all seeds. This would work nicely as a bean-sink.

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i agree to this idea, bank management can become such a nightmare, especially when time comes for a spring cleaning, i just wish we could do more things, like sorting by value, one click deleting and the current bank clean up button to actually work... at the moment it only really seperates things like skilling outfits and lucky items, very often skipping over useless quest items. i think another simple change is to be able to label, name and completely seperate the bank tabs (by that i mean that you cant scroll and see all the tabs above eachother, i think it would look nicer if we didnt have that) :D For all your paradoxical
needs :D

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