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60. So a world clock? Sounds good to me.

65. Our most recent thread goes up top. Wouldn't this be confusing? Maybe add a list filter. Also, I made a comment about our profiles on a previous suggestion.

70. That is already a thing.

88. I only have painful memories of this agility course. It took forever to grind enough xp so I can say goodbye to it forever.

89. This is already a thing. Also, Why are you putting a * next to some of them. Are you indicating they have been added into the game? Just use a strikethrough.

98. This is the exact same as #70. Again, this is in the game.

127. Sounds good, but just get an Attuned crystal Teleport Seed(Unlimited).

133. No. This is why trolls have funny names. They take the name of the first thing they eat. This isn't the case with other pets. You can however choose from a list of names for some pets.

144. I noticed some people say something controversial so they edit their post and delete all of it. It doesn't delete the fact someone quoted it in their post. Seeing the edited post lets you know they tried to cover up their tracks so idk if I support this one. I will give it a maybe.

146. Do you have trouble using the Spirit Tree or the Port Sarim Teleport?

147. This is a thing and I am beginning to think the * means Jagex added it to the game. I said before to use the strikethrough since it is confusing to me and you never mentioned what that * meant.

185. You suggested something very similar to this. Why not make it one full suggestion?

192. When was the last time you played? This had been in the game for so long I don't even remember.

1. We can. You just have to store them in your POH. I also, want to ask if you wanted other Gods who do not have a pet we can raise to have an egg for us.
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I did mention at the very first post that asterisks meant it made it in game. The reason I choose not to use strikethrough is that 8 more characters included in my post is less I can type in that post, versus one (*) that I can easily add in the front of the number.

Considering I have a ton of suggestions, things will not be perfect and I don't intend them to be as such, so a few ideas may have been duplicated.

A few ideas may be outdated by now due to new items that make a suggestion mundane (127 for example.)

Again, I'm not checking back to update this thread with the exception of adding new ideas, so it goes back to me not checking the old ideas I added like number 192. I've played for nearly 11 years.
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