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Love the new smithing update. Would like to see some small changes:

1. Make Ore boxes capable of being stored in toolbelt (or equipable).
2. Make mined ore automatically go into ore box if in toolbelt, equipped or in inventory. Once full with one kind of ore have mining stop with message that ore box is full. Click on ore again to continue mining to fill inventory.

Suggestion beyond smithing:

How about a fishing box like the ore box? Also make this toolbelt/equipable.
Again another box for Woodcutting that is toolbelt/equipable.

Just some things that will make life much better :)
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02-Feb-2019 23:02:59

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1. Literally saves one space. This is necessary why?

2. Mining goes from being the least AFK skill to tied for most AFK skill and you need it to be made even more so. Can't really say this is warranted. If you really don't want to keep filling your ore box then use porters, and if you have some decent cash buy a GotE.

Fishing box sounds interesting but there are a ton more fish than ores.

Woodcutting box sounds interesting but my goodness it makes even less sense to haul around fourteen thousand trees than to cart around fourteen thousand chunks of rock. Neither makes sense I'll grant you, but wood definitely is much sillier than rock. Just the physical size of that much lumber. Good gravy.

03-Feb-2019 06:33:08

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As for 1 - Sounds like it could cause more trouble than good - toolbelted items are simpler than this.

As for 2 - I guess they could do this, for a tool belted variant it's also likely a must to be able to work with it... somehow. Otherwise I guess it's nothing wrong with having to deliver input every once in a while.

As for the fishing box:
Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
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03-Feb-2019 08:26:09

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