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Yusou Bhoroi

Yusou Bhoroi

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I'd generally be in support of the OP, as there are very few unique puzzles in the game.

The Cluescroll puzzles are very formulaic - they aren't really puzzles, insofar as it's very easy to perform a simple set of actions, over, and over again, in order to 'solve' them; the only one that slightly combats this, is the Tower puzzle, though the anagram, and cryptic clues are quite good, as puzzles go (yet people circumvent them).

One of the few places where there is a challenging puzzle in RS (and it's one that's an RS-creation!), is in The Great Orb Project, where you have to work out the fastest way to score a changing set of orb spawns, utilising all the game's mechanics, and either doing so alone, or in conjunction with others.

Spawn-set puzzles are a great puzzle, and can be a real challenge, even when not in real-time, so it's a shame they haven't utilised them. Breaking the real-time restraint, that being in a live game forces, means you don't have to have better clicking skill, and reactions than are required for high-enrage bosses, and therefore acts as a real leveler, allowing you to take your time to solve the puzzle.


While I'd be all for the use of RuneCoins as prizes, it isn't something they can really do, as RC are tied to their own revenue, and are always linked to them getting irl money. Having them awarded in-game, when no money has had to change hands, to do so, would be bad for business, and may even make the overall practice fall foul of a few regulations.

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