Elite Skill: Archaeology

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Shooter Mann

Shooter Mann

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sorry but no.
no more elite skills period. skills end at lvl 99.

and alot of the stuff towards the end of your skill has daily usage caps.
dailys and limiting content have a negative impact on the game because they encourage players not to play.

i shouldnt be blocked out of doing what i want because i hit an arbitrary limit jagex decided to slow down my progress. i shouldnt need to wait 24 hours to come back and play a game. ill just log out when i hit my limit and not log back in. not everyone can play every day.
thats the same issue they created with the menaphos grind to unlock quests.

that said im fine with your skill as its own thing but it shouldnt need requirements to start and it should absolutely not be a elite skill. theres no such thing as level 120 and there should be 0 content in this game already that requires above level 99 anything.

jagex is just fracturing the playerbase with this nonsense.

24-Jul-2018 04:02:58

Shooter Mann

Shooter Mann

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i never said menaphos has daily caps.

menaphos is just an arbitrary limit in itself to obstruct people.
priff has limits like agility. and the stupid cool down timers.

the worst thing you can do is tell your consumer "you cant do any more of that. try again later"
the prime example of that in menaphos being, you need another 50000 points of worthless low level skill grinding to access this next quest. go waste hours getting the next tier and come back again. it didnt work and people just ignore/avoid menaphos.
people will log out or go to a different product/service. as can be seen by rs3s dwindling player base.
theres no meaningful content to be found there unless you just want to set limits on what you can do and thus the city is empty.

this game is going further off the rails and no one has years to waste in a meaningless level 120 skill when all the content should just be at 99 with the other skills like when this game was still popular back before '10 before jagex started ruining it so bad they had to open a rs2 server to stay afloat cause no one wants to play 3.

the big thing keeping rs3 from even keeping its lights on is the fact you get your stats reset if you try to go back to rs2. all my skills are back from rs2 and log in after several years and get told to pick up where i left off i have to start over completely. so people reluctantly play rs3.

the fact is youre wrong and so is jagex but you can defend them all you want, but its still wrong. take your own advice. "Gotta dig in a bit more before making comments like this."

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