Elite Skill: Archaeology

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This is all very detailed, which is creative and impressive, but it's actually a bit too detailed. I found myself skimming. As mentioned in Mod Crow's pinned thread Good Suggestion Guide, suggestions really just need to explain the concept of the idea and leave the specifics such as xp rates and levels to Jagex. Even if you don't care if it ever gets into the game and you just want to share your ideas, it's still not necessary to understand the idea.

I like looking up new skill concepts and one of the most suggested ones is Archaeology, especially as an elite skill. I hope to see one some day, but I also hope the reason for training it isn't a bunch of random support items like Dungeoneering. Most new skill suggestions seem to be that way.

What I'd like to see is for Archaeology to be some form of gathering skill. You then take the item you gathered and do... something... with them which in turn produces some kind of benefit. What you do with them and the benefits it produces, I do not know, but if I were coming up with a concept for the skill that's where I'd start.
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