Ashlands: Hardcore Survival

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I really like the base concept. Travelling to another part of the world that's difficult to survive in with no access to teleportation or banks for loot that is exclusive to that continent. Maybe not a continent as big as the mainland though, that's a bit much. This would make a great expansion, which are to be Prifddinas sized. Menaphos will be the first. Obviously it'd have to be bigger than that, but it's a wasteland and not a whole lot of detail would be required, so something the size of the Varrock+Falador area would be better.

If I were to critique the post, it's a little too detailed. All you really need is the basic concept and generally how it would work. Not the extreme details. I didn't read some of the specifics because it's long and doesn't matter: It'd likely be tweaked or changed entirely if it were ever introduced, and I knew I liked the concept without it.
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