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Hi Adarajin

Thanks for reading through the entire thread! You bring up some very valid points.

- Logging out
I'd imagine logging out solo during a run would not impact you as much. Given the dynamic nature of the landscape some things might have changed in the meantime, but other than that I envisage little problems.

When logging during a multi-person session I'd imagine the affected person to get removed from the party, and ending up in the situation mentioned above. This did make me think that it should be possible to team up again with others within the Ashlands themselves.

- Details issue
The point made sense to me at the time. As of yet this is quite an old pet project of mine and I'm not actively developing it further at this point in time. I am, however, maintaining the thread and taking along feedback as we go. If room allows for it I'll add more stuff as we go.

- Guns and such
While I did use bayonets and imbued muskets as examples of hybrid weaponry this can easily be adjusted to a crossbow-bayonet (or the bow-sword, anyone?) and an imbued longbow capable of casting spells too. I went along with the former as it conveys what I try to show concisely. The main point, however, is the concept of hybrid weapons.

- Caches

You bring up a very interesting point. I'll try to incorporate this one the moment I have a bit more time.

- Size of the continent

I'd personally love to see a wide, open space to explore, completely uncluttered like the main continent now, allowing for dynamic and changing environments. If the concept works within a smaller area then that'd be great too. Again, the main focus is the concept, and I think it's clear by now that I'm definitely not good at balancing stuff.

Thanks again, and I'll revisit this thread quickly!
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Little bit more thought on the cache idea... duration of the cache will depend on the materials used to make it, with the longest ones lasting potentially for a day or more (so when the novelty of the update dies down, they are still useful when it is less crowded) - server specific though. Ooh, a light at the end of the tunnel...
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19-Nov-2018 00:27:53

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