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The normal kinds of bosses can be fun but normally they are easy to find since they are in a specific area but one kind of boss is quite unique in the way of how it comes about and that would be the demon's from the demon flash mob's, these bosses apear somewhere different each time and as such people must travel to them but what if we had special regional bosses that roam the surface.

My idea here is a small group of new regional roaming bosses preferably of the more regional kind based on where they live for example:

kharidian desert: Mobis the giant frost scorpion - A horrendous giant white scorpion that roams the desert all around with paralyzing poison that stuns players as if frozen.

karamja: zoozana the lightning cobra - A fearsome cobra that can teleport as if lightning struck all around you that can hit multiple times at once.

the cities of varrock, falador, and lumbridge: Grontlo the wanderer - A mighty warrior who wanders between these 3 cities in an endless circle waiting for a fight.

mort myre swamp: The shackled one - An imprisoned ghast cursed to endlessly feel its moment of death that can only feel relief in destroying enemies as it rots the food and consumes your prayer points and calls other ghasts to aid it.

feldip hills: razorback larupia - This rare mutation of larupia is to smart to be hunted by traps and to aggressive to have around other larupia and if not stopped will wipe out other larupia with its ability to howl away its attackers and ability to poison it is a true monster.

These are but a few examples of bosses that can roam around there respective region but not being aggressive with their difficulty varying boss per boss.

edit: a better comparison would be hati and fenrir that wander their relative area when comparing this but with the unagressiveness of demon flash mobs.

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